Earth Day Fun + Activities

Earth day is one of my all time faves! If you haven’t ever celebrated Earth Day before, these reasons will change your mind :

  1. It’s an opportunity to get outside and do something special with friends (for real I’m down for any reason to get together and celebrate)
  2. It’s a perfect day to point your children to God by reminding them we should be thankful for all that he has given us and why we need to steward His creation well.
  3. A fun day to teach your kids how to recycle and take care of the earth along with all the animals that inhabit it 🙂

pretty much why would you not want to celebrate the earth and spend the day outdoors?!

Earth Day Picnic Celebration

Last year we celebrated by having an Earth Day Picnic at our local arboretum! This is what we did and I highly reccomend for any little earth day celebration with toddlers.

  • Nature Hike/Walk to your picnic spot
    • Wagons, strider bikes and strollers – enjoy the walk/hike and point out different things you can find in nature to your littles.
  • Earth Day Story Time
  • Plant a Seed Activity
    • Pass out popsicle sticks and markers for the kids to color and decorate their “plant labels” (and write their names on them so they don’t get mixed up”
    • Then pass out small pots I recommend these colorful hanging planters or tin buckets. (We did mason jars and a kid ended up accidentally dropping one…glass everywhere 😐 Not a good idea lol)

Earth Day Covid-19 Style

This Earth Day was a little different…we couldn’t celebrate with friends, but we still had fun activities that taught us about taking care of the Earth AND we made it a point to connect with friends 🙂

Here is what we did :

  • Paper Earth Craft
    • Cut out blue construction paper circles and have the kids draw “the land” with green marker
  • Earth Day Story Time
  • Outside Play
    • After they are done coloring and listening to the stories, have them play outside while you write “Happy Earth Day” in white paint pen over their little Earth creations. (You can also write a sweet little note on the back with who the note is from)
  • Earth Day Grams
    • Attach the little earth notes to seed packets with mini clothespins and wala! You have an “Earth Day Gram” (you know… like the valentines day grams you would get in High school XD)
  • Delivery Run
    • We got to chat with most of the people we delivered to from our car. It was a great way to connect and see each others faces 🙂 The boys loved seeing their friend’s from the window! Just driving around delivering all of the grams was a fun event in itself!
  • Visiting our local Recycling Center
    • It always amazes me how much my boys enjoy running and finding the correct bins to put our recycling in. This is a great activity (and awesome habit) to get into doing once a week!


Everyday is Earth Day

So take these ideas and activities and do them whenever you want!

Also…remember that when you connect with nature…a falcon will majestically land on your hand…just saying

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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